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Tivo extends Rau’s interim CEO role

January 7, 2019

By Chris Forrester

TiVo is holding on to its temporary CEO, Raghu Rau, for the time being having failed to appoint a permanent replacement for Enrique Rodriguez who left last summer. Rodriguez departed to join Liberty Global as CTO.

Rau will hold on to his $750,000 salary as well as an additional stock award worth around $2 million.

TiVo in a statement say that the recruitment process for a new CEO is on hold.

Rau has agreed a restriction which forbids him from recruiting staff from TiVo for a year after his employment ends with TiVo.

There is still uncertainty over the next steps for TiVo, with a sale, taking the company private or some other options but the market expects news to emerge by its February results call.

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