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Spain approves new DTT plan

January 23, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish government has approved a new DTT plan that paves the way for the second digital dividend to commence next month and be completed before June 30th 2020.

Under the new DTT plan, broadcasters must release the current 694-790 MHz band to the benefit of 5G services and use the 470-694 MHz band with radioelectric channels from 21 to 48. Broadcasters will operate the same and the current 8 digital multiplexes (RGE1, RGE2, MPE1, MPE2, MPE3, MPE4, MPE5 and MAUT) will keep nationwide and regional coverage – but must migrate to HD before January 1st 2023.

The plan states that each digital multiplex will have a capacity of 4 HD channels. It imposes on all manufacturers to market HD-equipped STBs from the sixth month after the Royal Decree’s approval, and high capacity STBs must incorporate UHD and DVB-T2 functionalities as well as HbbTV features. Manufacturers will have to clearly specify the specs of the STBs to avoid any confusion.

The Administration claims that the continuity of DTT is “guaranteed” as a result of the new plan, with the new band being used at least until 2030.

The new plan, however, does not include financial aid for the migration as previously announced by the government which has thus far only allocated €50 million to this in the General State Budget (still to be approved).

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