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DOCOMO ranked world’s top mobile operator in 5G

February 19, 2019

DOCOMO has been ranked the world’s leading mobile operator in terms of applications for candidate standard-essential patents (SEPs) for the 5G mobile communication standard, and also number one in terms of 5G technical proposals (contributions). The rankings are based on a study conducted by Cyber Creative Institute, a Japanese firm that researches information and communication technology regarding intellectual property rights.

DOCOMO also was ranked sixth in 5G SEP applications among all companies in all fields.

DOCOMO has applied for some 1,400 candidate 5G SEPs and submitted some 3,700 5G-related contributions to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a collaborative initiative undertaken by telecommunications standards associations. SEP applications and contributions are seen as a barometer of a company’s involvement with and the 3GPP and support for standardisation. DOCOMO is playing a pivotal role in hastening the completion of 5G specifications and standardisation, similar to its past work in helping to establish the 3G and 4G mobile systems.

DOCOMO says it is actively contributing to 5G standardisation as it prepares to offer mobile services capable of “unprecedented speed, capacity and reliability” when it launches its 5G mobile communication service in 2020.

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