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Waverly Utilities selects Amino MoCA devices

March 13, 2019

Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, has been selected by US telecommunications provider Waverly Utilities to supply Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)-enabled IPTV devices and AminoOS software that will allow the Iowa multiservice provider to boost efficiency and deliver an enhanced pay-TV video experience.

Waverly said it selected AminoOS powered Kamai 650M set-top boxes because they enable delivery of the required MoCA connectivity. They will be deployed to seamlessly deliver enhanced IPTV services across Waverly Utilities’ high-speed fibere-optic network. Amino will collaborate with its strategic middleware partner Minerva Networks to facilitate Waverly’s ongoing rollout of video services.

Jeff Magsamen, Waverly Utilities’ Telecom Director, commented: “We need MoCA to take advantage of the existing coax cable deployed in many homes to provide high bandwidth throughput – which is perfect for video. Not only does taking advantage of existing coax give us greater efficiency in deploying the boxes, but it gives our subscribers a better user experience when enjoying real-time TV events such as live sports.”

Donald McGarva, Amino’s CEO, added: “We believe that Waverly is representative of many operators seeking solutions that can leverage in-home coax cabling via agile devices. The pay-TV industry today requires devices with the agility to allow TV operators to adapt to growing consumer expectations and deliver modern TV experiences – such as enjoyment of 4K UHD content in the future. Agile devices not only empower operators to enhance the user experience but simplify deployment.”

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