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MNI Targeted Media launches motto

March 11, 2020

MNI Targeted Media, a division of the Meredith Corporation and its targeted media strategy, planning and buying company, today launched motto, its OTT optimization platform, which provides unprecedented, near real-time conversion indicators for connected TV (CTV) and OTT advertising.

According to eMarketer, OTT spending is expected to hit $5 billion in 2020 and CTV advertising is expected to surpass $10 billion by 2021. A better understanding of how these campaigns perform has been the missing link to help marketers maximize the return on the substantial OTT and CTV spend.

Powered by MNIx, MNI’s programmatic ad buying solution, motto allows advertisers to easily identify how geo-targeting, creative, publisher, device type, time of day and more can impact conversions, not just impressions. This information empowers brands with a much more granular understanding of how to adjust a campaign to improve return on investment (ROI).

“This innovative optics dashboard designed exclusively for brands and their agencies expands beyond post-campaign attribution and presents marketers with an unmatched, optimization-based understanding of OTT advertising campaign performance,” said Brooke Willcox, director of digital media at MNI.

Conversion metrics available through motto include:

  • Foot traffic: Brands boost in-store traffic through optimization-based reporting, a device graph and granular insights used to detect if an OTT campaign resulted in physical lift.
  • Site visits: Pixelation on a website empowers brands to track site traffic resulting from the OTT campaign.
  • Online checkouts: Pixelation placed on an order confirmation page enables brands to match each conversion to a CTV/OTT impression.
  • App installs: Brands are able to ingest and match app install logs to each OTT impression.

To promote optimal campaign performance, motto attribution and optimization tools also include full return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per action (CPA) tracking, a daily campaign performance report and exportable conversion data.

“Our motto platform bridges the gap between CTV/OTT and conversions, providing a solution to the problem marketers face when it comes to inserting a call to action in a CTV/OTT ad,” added Willcox. “This advanced technology unlocks access to a level of reporting and analytics that hasn’t been available in the space. With motto, brands now have a way to track which advertising tactics are driving the highest conversions during a campaign and shift budgets and efforts accordingly.”

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