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HbbTV releases Version 2020-1 of Test Suite

April 7, 2020

The HbbTV Association, a global initiative dedicated to providing open standards for the delivery of advanced interactive TV services through broadcast and broadband networks for connected TV sets and set-top boxes, has announced the publication of a new version of the HbbTV Conformance Test Suite.

The new version is called v2020-1; it is the first major release of the Test Suite in 2020. The release contains 2,586 test cases in total, including 177 tests for the new features in HbbTV specification v2.0.2. This is an increase of 128 tests over the previous version v2019-3 of the Test Suite.

The HbbTV Conformance Test Suite is an important tool for device manufacturers to verify compliance of their products with the most current HbbTV specifications and their new features. The Test Suite is available through one of the registered HbbTV test centres and, as a convenience, to HbbTV members for use in their own facilities.

“As all business organisations, our members and the HbbTV Association are affected by the coronavirus crisis. For instance, we just decided that our April 2020 general assembly will be held electronically without any physical gathering, and, with a lot of regrets, we have cancelled our November 2020 symposium,” said Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association.

“But thanks to the continued engagement of our members and partners through intensified home-working and e-communications, HbbTV work continues to the highest possible extent. We try to protect future product availability and compliance, encouraged by first signs that areas of the world, which play an important role in the TV supply chain, seem to start recovering and going back to normal operations,” said Grivet. “In this context, the publication of this new release of our Test Suite is an important element in our attempt to maintain business continuity and to prepare for the time after the crisis.”

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