Advanced Television

NHK develops glasses-free 3D

April 29, 2020

By Chris Forrester

NHK has unveiled ‘Aktina Vision’ (Aktina, from the Greek ‘ray of light’), a 3D system that is capable of natural 3D without special glasses.

This ‘holy grail’ 3D system for broadcasters reproduces light rays and where the object is captured from different viewpoints in order to obtain multi-viewpoint images, which are used to reproduce the light rays from the object.

“By increasing the number of the multi-viewpoint images and resolution of each image, natural high-resolution 3D video display can be achieved even when the viewer moves around horizontally and vertically in the viewing area,” says NHK.

“The developed system accommodates 72 multi-viewpoint images, and video resolution is increased by using an 8K projector with a pixel-offset method. A special optical system shifts and multiplexes the light rays of the 72 high-resolution multi-viewpoint images. The resulting display is a leap in resolution from about 300,000 pixels produced by NHK’s previous system to about 2,000,000 pixels on the level of HDTV,” adds NHK.

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