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Wallcolor launches beSTREAM

July 10, 2020

Wallcolor has announced the launch of beSTREAM, an online video platform that aims to overcome language barriers through audiovisual storytelling, helping creators with free tools to spread their vision to anyone around the globe.

Wallcolor believes BeSTREAM will be a new approach to the creators around the world, focusing on short videos that don’t need language support to be understood, and erasing the popularity competition on play or clicks, offering every creator different free services that are usually paid on other platforms, to make them continue doing what they love and spreading their message. Furthermore, regular contests for creators (beSTREAM Awards) will be held in the near future to promote creativity in the use of audiovisual language.

BeSTREAM will also keep the focus on quality (technical and narrative) to ensure to the viewers the best experience, and for that will use different AI technologies, but of course, also Human Resources will be the main component.

For the viewers of the platform, BeSTREAM will offer an interface based on playlist more than individual videos. Creators will have the possibility to upload their videos to ensure the best experience and open other possibilities.

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