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VeEX reveals the MTX150x full-featured Ethernet test solution

September 2, 2020

VeEX, a global leader in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, has formally announced the MTX150x Dual 10G Ethernet installation and maintenance handheld test set. This packet switched networks (PSN) tester covers all data rates from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps and is the smallest, full-featured Ethernet test solution on the market today.

Part of the V150 handheld family of products, the new MTX150x is a super compact field tester packed with all applicable test features found on larger traditional test sets. This includes Layer 1-4+ single and dual-port testing capabilities, all at a low cost. Given the growing interest in PON, R-PHY and 5G access, the MTX150x is a nice addition to the Installer, Contractor and Enterprise markets.

“Ethernet is everywhere. What started from LAN is now playing a major role in core, transport, metro and transmission network deployments. From Gigabit/multi-Gigabit Internet services, PON, R-PHY, Business Services, Point-to-point to 5G backhaul, packet networks are the new standard for heavy lifting. Many network operators and service providers have full packet networks and should not be subjected to the burden, extra complexity and cost of multi-service test sets offering every TDM and other legacy technologies – features they don’t need or no longer deploy,” said Ricardo Torres, Director of Ethernet & Transport Product Development for VeEX.

Key features:

  • Dual ports and up to two simultaneous tests
  • 10GBASE-X, 100/1000BASE-X, 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet testing
  • Layer 1 to 4+ testing, including QoS and QoE tests
  • Complete test solution: Throughput, RFC2544, V-SAM (Y.1564), V-PERF (RFC6349), V-TEST (speed test), SDT
  • IEEE 802.3ah, ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1ag, MPLS-TP OAM, Q-in-Q (VLAN stacking), MPLS, MPLS-TP, PBB, EoE support
  • Layer 2 Control Protocol Transparency test
  • 1/2/4G Fibre Channel (SAN) testing options
  • Available WiFi client, WiFi access point mode, Bluetooth® and LAN connectivity options
  • Small, lightweight, inexpensive, handheld

“No one can deny that the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has caused great economic damage that can have long-lasting effects even after vaccines are found, and when we go back to our ‘new normal.’ No matter what the future is, we expect customers to be mindful and cautious with their budgets and spending. At VeEX, we have made a strategic commitment to offer more competitive products that allow operators, service providers and contractors to keep their field crews equipped with the necessary gear. Competitiveness has two main components: cost and value. The MTX150x delivers both, with a full feature set at a much lower cost. Along with its simplicity and flexibility, it is meant to benefit all of our customers and their end users,” said Cyrille Morelle, President and CEO of VeEX.

The MTX150x Ethernet test set is the industry’s most compact and powerful handheld test solution currently available to assist with 1GE and 10GE deployment. A true handheld with battery operation, the Ethernet-focused MTX150x simplifies operations and eases the learning curve. This saves time, increases efficiency and ease-of-use for installation and maintenance crews working in the field and on customer premises.

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