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DistroScale launches DistroTV Platform services

March 9, 2021

DistroScale, a media technology company with the industry’s most comprehensive video platform for webs, apps, and streaming, has announced its new DistroTV Platform Services unit, aimed at publishers, content creators, video libraries, brands and agencies. This new offering significantly lowers the barrier to market entry for any media brand interested in creating, monetizing, and distributing its own streaming TV channel.

“Channel creation used to only be accessible to content owners with big budgets and infrastructure,” said Navdeep Saini, co-founder and CEO of DistroScale, parent company to DistroTV. “Given how quickly streaming evolved from a niche to a standard media consumption platform, we saw a need to create a solution that would reduce any perceived cost, complexity, and risk barriers that were preventing media brands from making the leap to OTT.”

With no upfront fees, DistroTV Platform Services offers a comprehensive range of tools necessary to develop and execute successful streaming video platforms, from technical infrastructure and curation to monetization and distribution. 40-plus content brands have piloted the new Platform Services offering including Black Enterprise, which turned to DistroTV Platform Services to transform and monetize its video library into its first ad-supported streaming channel, as well as partners Us Weekly, Lone Star, Best of British TV (BoB TV), Pinoy Box Office (PBO), and more.

The new business-to-business unit complements the company’s consumer-facing DistroTV platform, the leading, independent FAST (free, ad-support streaming TV). DistroTV’s growing, multicultural content lineup targets a diverse lineup of independent programming for passionate viewers in the US, Canada, and the UK. DistroTV provides today’s brands an opportunity to build a direct-to-consumer relationship with DistroScale and its network partners. Since its launch in 2019, DistroTV has seen rapid growth concerning its breadth of content and global audience figures. In the last six months, viewership quadrupled and total watch time multiplied eight times over. The platform focuses on building a robust network that delivers news, entertainment, music, sports, and lifestyle programming to audiences globally.

“We bring expertise and efficiency to our approach, so that content companies no longer have to invest millions to be ‘streaming-ready’,” said Saini. “Our business model is unique and rooted in a solid and continuously improving technical infrastructure. We assume the risk so our content partners and brands can focus on leveraging our platform to execute their audience objectives. Extending our platform to put the power of streaming in reach of more voices and more content partners is a big part of our  mission and equally a big part of why we have built the largest truly independent streaming TV service. Our diverse content line-up resonates with audiences who can’t find what we offer on any other platform.”

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