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Mediaset is now ‘MFE: Media For Europe’

October 5, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Mediaset announced its new name over the weekend, and at the same time explained to shareholders and investors how the new Amsterdam business would be structured.

In essence it has introduced a dual share class structure with different voting rights in order to have greater flexibility to finance future M&A transactions. The name change into MFE: Media For Europe, is part of the company’s announced “process of setting up an international holding that brings together the main European generalist TV networks.”

Mediaset/MFE will present the option to shareholders at a November 25th EGM.

Investment bank Exane/BNPP in comments on October 4th said: “We believe some may view this announcement as encouraging as it is the next step towards pan European consolidation. However, our view is that it is national rather than pan-European consolidation that will lead to more synergies in the TV space.”

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