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Maycock joins Marketing Leaders Circle’s Advisory Board

March 1, 2022

Marketing Leaders Circle (MLC) has annoucned that Neil Maycock, CMO for Grass Valley, has joined MLC’s Advisory Board to join Dan Goldstein, Lisa Collins, Anne-Louise Buick, Ben Davenport, Ellen Grogan and Jon Finegold.

Maycock has a wealth of experience and expertise, which will be beneficial for members of MLC. We look forward to Neil participating in our sessions and sharing his knowledge which could transform your marketing strategy.

Maycock is part of the Grass Valley executive management team, responsible for its advanced portfolio of broadcast ecosystem solutions and driving its global market leadership.

Maycock has extensive industry expertise built up from over 25 years of working in senior positions for some of the most innovative and transformational technology companies in the broadcast industry. These include the EVP & General Manager position at Snell Advanced Media, and before this, he served as President of the Americas at Pro-Bel. He has a history of successfully leading companies through mergers and acquisitions, building brands in complex broadcast markets.

Maycock’s expertise in leading the transformation of major broadcast technology brands is underpinned by his deep technology expertise and solid foundation in the broadcast and professional video market.

Maycock holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Essex and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IET.

“I’m delighted to be joining the Advisory Board for the Marketing Leaders Circle. As our industry goes through unprecedented levels of change, companies have to innovate how they reach and engage with customers. MLC is a fantastic forum for marketing professionals to network and share ideas and leanings. I look forward to supporting MLC in developing our marketing community.”

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