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SSIMPLUS Video Experience Automation tools take spotlight at NAB

April 11, 2022

As the category of Video Experience Automation looms in importance for the OTT industry, SSIMWAVE will show its arsenal of award-winning products that are enabling major studios and OTT providers to reduce costs and increase viewer satisfaction at the NAB Show later this month in Las Vegas.

NAB 2021 Product of the Year winner SSIMPLUS VQ Dial and two other products powered by the Emmy Award-winning SSIMPLUS algorithm – SSIMPLUS Live Monitor and SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor – will be highlighted at the SSIMWAVE booth (W2818) during the event at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Our customers understand that the key to keeping their hundreds of millions of viewers satisfied is consistent, optimal quality of experience and the way to do that is with Video Experience Automation that also reduces operational costs,” said Abdul Rehman, CEO and Co-founder for SSIMWAVE. “Our NAB presence is designed to show how rapid advances in automation are enabling the OTT industry as a whole to maximize quality and viewer engagement in the most efficient way possible.”

Studies have shown that 75% of viewers abandon problematic content after four minutes. At NAB, SSIMWAVE will demonstrate how:

  • SSIMPLUS VQ Dial, judged as Best New Streaming Technology in the NAB Product of the Year awards last year, can enable video providers to achieve multi-million-dollar savings in delivery costs per year while delivering “Just Right” levels of video quality across entire VOD asset libraries.
  • SSIMPLUS Live Monitor, winner of an NAB Best in Market Award in 2021, is a unified end-to-end system to benchmark and manage video experience using a common scoring approach, from content creation to consumption, for live content at scale where high quality, low latency, and content delivery free of challenging impairments, such as AV Sync, are critical.  
  • SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor automates monitoring of Viewer Experiences at scale across the network to guard against degradation, increase efficiency, and reduce overhead costs.

SSIMWAVE’s Video Experience Automation Platform brings the power of the human eye to entire video delivery chains to help streaming services assess video quality at scale, minimize quality drop-offs, and reduce distribution expenses and video assurance costs. Its SSIMPLUS suite of products – Live Monitor, VOD Monitor and Video Quality (VQ) Dial – have also helped the streaming industry address hard-to-solve problems such as banding, A/V sync issues, HDR content distribution, and low-quality sources. SSIMWAVE technology has earned multiple Emmy Awards as well as an NAB Product of the Year Award.


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