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FilmRose announces The Interrogation Room

October 17, 2022

FilmRise, the New York-based film and television studio and streaming network, and Zig Zag Productions, one of the UK’s foremost independent television production companies, has announced the co-production of “The Interrogation Room” hosted by Vivica A. Fox.

FilmRise is at MIPCOM shopping the title as an original and/or exclusive for broadcasters and streamers in the US. The announcement was made jointly by Max Einhorn, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions, for FilmRise and Danny Fenton, CEO of Zig Zag productions.

Max Einhorn comments “‘The Interrogation Room’ will arrest viewers by taking them behind the scenes of interrogations, breaking down how detectives uncover the truth through interviews with suspects. Combine that with the star power of host Vivica A. Fox, we know ‘The Interrogation Room’ will serve multiple audience verticals and be a must watch for fans of true crime, a genre in which FilmRise has increasing resonance and recognition, both as a studio and streaming network.”

Danny Fenton, CEO of Zig Zag continues “Partnering with FilmRise on this co-production ensures not only our continuation and commitment to high quality programming, but also creates a wide net of distribution, reaching true crime fans in numerous territories, and in a variety of ways. We are excited to offer this series to those audiences that subscribe to their platforms, and those that prefer to watch their programs for free.”

Host Vivica A. Fox adds, “This series shows what really goes on inside the interrogation room, firsthand. I have long been a fan of true-crime and haver been particularly fascinated by the techniques law enforcement utilize in trying to elicit a confession. I know crime show enthusiasts like me and even aspiring law enforcement officers are going to love this show.”

Behind every shocking crime is a detective racing to uncover the truth, and often the killer is hiding in plain sight. Watch as the world’s finest homicide detectives armed with only their wits, home in on their suspects, and break down their lies. It’s a race against the clock as investigators attempt to get justice for the victims and their families.

Host Vivica A. Fox, most well known for her performances in the box office hits “Kill Bill” and “Independence Day” allows viewers to step inside the interrogation room alongside world-class experts who will examine the tell-tale signs a suspect is lying while revealing the master techniques that result in an all-important confession.

“The Interrogation Room” Hosted by Vivica A. Fox is expected to launch in early 2023. Bomanbridge Media are on board as the deficit and distribution partner outside of the US and Caribbean with CEO Sonia Fleck heading up the project for the leading boutique distribution company, who commented “We are again really pleased to be teaming up with Zig Zag Productions as well as FilmRise, ‘The Interrogation Room’ Hosted By Vivica A. Fox is a fresh new series with access to compelling stories; we are pleased to launch the show with great partners”.

Max Einhorn and Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise, serve as Executive Producers for FilmRise.

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