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Skyline launches open programme to empower DataMiner DevOps pros

February 2, 2023

Skyline Communications, a provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, recently launched its open DataMiner DevOps Professional Programme, a tailored programme that guides ambitious DevOps Professionals toward unlocking their full potential as innovative DataMiner solution creators.

The DataMiner DevOps Professional Programme focuses on empowering people to continuously deliver maximum value toward their data-driven organisations by leveraging the power of DataMiner, Skyline’s vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation software solution for the ICT media and broadband industry. While members are growing as DataMiner DevOps Professionals, they collect DevOps Points almost effortlessly and unlock membership levels. Each new level comes with a variety of exclusive benefits that help them further boost their skills.

“Our programme is not exclusively targeted at coding wizards or engineers,” clarifies Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline. “On the contrary, one of the key trends in the ICT industry is that the creation of innovative solutions is getting democratised more and more thanks to the surge of transformational technologies. And DataMiner, too, already offers extensive capabilities in that respect, like our powerful user-definable no-code apps that enable DevOps Professionals to empower people throughout their organisation with data and control capabilities tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities.”

“We noticed that there was an urgent need for a program such as our DataMiner DevOps Professional Programme,” says Vandenberghe. “On the one hand, there is an ever faster growing need for qualified DataMiner users across the industry. And on the other hand, there is this continuous need for data-driven organisations to evolve their operations increasingly faster due to the highly unpredictable nature of today’s market.”

Technology, people, and mindset The impact of recent technology evolutions reaches far beyond what is apparent at first glance. Today, it is all about transformational technology, which can be leveraged in many different ways. With virtualised, cloudified, and IP-driven ecosystems, the creative potential is almost unlimited. Therefore, the power lies with the organisations that have the unique ability to fully leverage this potential. This includes optimising utilisation of resources, automating workflows, and reducing costs, but also entails quickly responding to unexpected changes in the market, such as the transition to work from home and remote operation.

“DataMiner is one of the most strategic assets that our users have. It enables them to tap into the full potential of all this new technology and truly build a data-driven organisation. And with the DataMiner DevOps Professional Programme, we want to further empower our users in all possible ways. Because ultimately, in addition to leveraging transformational technologies like DataMiner, the DataMiner DevOps Professional Programme focuses equally on empowering people and cultivating a mindset of continuous evolution. Besides, entering the programme is easy and requires little to no extra effort. Qualification comes naturally while the members focus on growing their DevOps skill set, mindset, and culture,” concludes Vandenberghe.

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