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ACE applauds copyright infringement judgment

March 29, 2023

By Colin Mann

Anti-piracy coalition the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), has welcomed a judgment against Dwayne Anthony Johnson, operator of digital piracy websites All Access TV and Quality Restreams.

The United States District Court Judge, the Honorable Andre Birotte Jr., entered judgment in favour of the studio plaintiffs, ordering Johnson to pay $30 million (€27.7m) in damages for copyright infringement. Judge Birotte also entered a permanent injunction against Johnson leading to the irreversible closure of the piracy websites.

“Today’s favourable judgment against the owner of a commercial-scale digital piracy operation marks a significant step forward in our fight against global piracy,” said Aaron Wais, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Litigation for the Motion Picture Association. “We are pleased with the $30 million award and the order barring the defendant from further distributing films and TV series without authorisation.”

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