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FCC throws out DISH Network’s Starlink objections

May 22, 2023

By Chris Forrester

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has rejected Charlie Ergen’s DISH Network objections to Starlink satellite transmissions in the 12 GHz band.

The FCC said in its decision that its Commissioners had “unanimously” approved a move to protect frequencies for satellite services in the 12.2-12.7 GHz bands that Starlink, OneWeb and other operators use to connect to user terminals.

DISH Network had hoped to use the frequencies for a ground-based 5G two-way cellular service across the US.

However, the FCC opened a window for DISH, saying that it proposed positioning the 12.7-13.25 GHz frequency bands to support flexible terrestrial wireless use, including future 6G wireless services.

“We’re proposing specific rules to lift 550 megahertz of underused spectrum off the ground while protecting or transitioning incumbents and fully exploring sharing-based alternatives,” stated FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks.

Starlink, in a Tweet, said: “Thank you to the 100K+ Starlink customers who spoke up, the FCC voted to protect high-speed satellite internet users from harmful interference.”

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