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FITE enters WrestleQuest RPG world

August 31, 2023

FITE and MegaCat Studios have announced a partnership that puts FITE in WrestleQuest, the new turn-based role playing game with real-life wrestling legends.

The new game brings to life a world where toys, action figures and wrestling collide, and over 30 legendary wrestlers are part of their game, each with their own side quest, from Jeff Jarrett to Randy Savage to André the Giant to Jake the Snake. And just as FITE is ubiquitous in the real life of any many wrestling fans, players in WrestleQuest will encounter FITE’s presence throughout the RPG’s world.

WrestleQuest is not affiliated with any one promotion – and is instead a loving tribute to the spectacle of pro wrestling as we knew it in the 80s and 90s. Storytelling, which is both at the heart of wrestling and the top promotions FITE presents year around, is front and centre in WrestleQuest. The game also incorporates styles from all over the world including Lucha Libre, Japanese strong style Puroresu and hardcore wrestling, just as FITE spans every style and region to present the best of the sport. .

“A wrestling fan’s dream universe wouldn’t be complete without FITE,” said James Dieghan of MegaCat Studios. We have a big vision for the Quest franchise that starts with our launch. Trust me, there is more in store for FITE in the WrestleQuest universe.”

WrestleQuest is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Netflix (for all subscribers).

“The minute I heard about WrestleQuest, I knew FITE needed to be a part of it,” said FITE co-Founder and COO, Michael Weber, who has an extensive background in the pro-wrestling business. “I’ve seen every kind of promotion and what I’ve learned is you can’t make it in wrestling unless you truly love it – the same goes for James and the Mega Cat team – their deep connection to the legends, the stories, the lore is what makes this game an incredible experience.”

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