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Intelsat issues RFPs for new constellation

September 11, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Intelsat, anticipating the receipt of $3.7 billion in compensation from the FCC for giving up some C-band capacity, is contemplating launching a new satellite constellation.

It has issued ‘Request for Proposals’ to nine satellite manufacturers. The news emerged at the Euroconsult Paris World Business Week event from CFO Toby O’Brien. He said that Intelsat expected responses from the satellite builders next month and the company would make its decision in the New Year. The $3.7 billion FCC payment could go a long way to funding the new satellites although Intelsat is also under an obligation to pay down some of its $7 billion debt that’s still on its books following its restructuring and Chapter 11 proceedings. O’Brien said that should Intelsat proceed with the plan the new satellites, operating in mid-Earth orbit, could be in position during 2027.

Meanwhile, Intelsat has an agreement in place to use bandwidth on OneWeb, itself just days away from its merger with Eutelsat.

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