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ViaSat-3 moves to mechanical testing

Viasat’s latest satellite, the first of the new ViaSat-3 Ka-band class, has completed its integration and is now in ‘flight configuration’ mode. However, the craft now has to be processed through the vibration, environmental and acoustic testing phases. ViaSat-3 is a huge beast of a satellite. Each of the trio is capable of handling more […]

September 30, 2022By Chris Forrester

Starlink obtains Qatar licence

Qatar’s Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has licensed SpaceX’s Starlink to provide satellite links to the peninsula. The CRA licence authorises Starlink Satellite Qatar to provide satellite broadband Internet services to individuals and enterprises in the State of Qatar via the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation of SpaceX, which provides comprehensive global Internet service coverage. “The […]

September 30, 2022By Chris Forrester

Spacecom shares sale to 4iG wraps

Budapest-based 4iG has completed its purchase of 20 percent of Israeli satellite operator Space Communications Ltd (Spacecom) which operates the Amos fleet of satellites. “By Spacecom’s public and private share issue, the Hungarian info-communication company group can acquire a 20 per cent stake in the company. In the next three years, it can be increased […]

September 30, 2022By Chris Forrester

ESA PNT contract for Celestia UK

Celestia UK has won a €800,000 ESA NAVSIP (Navigation, Innovation and Support Programme) contract to develop an innovative PNT (Positioning, Navigation & Timing) solution based on LEO satellite constellations for 5G networks and applications, that will boost the reliability and performance of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Called LEO-SYN+, the ESA project will use LEO […]

September 30, 2022By Chris Forrester

FCC adopts 5-year satellite deorbiting rule

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted new rules requiring satellite operators in low-Earth orbit to dispose of their satellites within five years of completing their missions. The new rules shorten the decades-old 25-year guideline for deorbiting satellites post-mission, taking an important step in a new era for space safety and orbital debris policy. The FCC […]

September 30, 2022By Colin Mann

India fills demand for ‘heavy’ satellite launching

India’s State Research Organisation (ISRO) is looking to fill an anticipated severe demand for launching large satellite, as well as supplying its latest rocket for constellations looking to deliver their fleets into lower orbits. ISRO uses its commercial arm, New Space India Ltd (NSIL), which is the follow-on organisation from the tarnished Antrix Corp, for […]

September 29, 2022

Hurricane Ian delays SES launches

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V launch of the SES-20 and SES-21 mission has been delayed due to potential impacts from Hurricane Ian. Both satellites are integrated to the launch vehicle and safely secured within the Vehicle Integration Facility at Launch Complex-41. Pending range approval, the next launch attempt is scheduled for October 4th […]

September 29, 2022By Chris Forrester

Sky dish off menu

The satellite dish is symbolic of the television revolution that took place in un-cabled countries in the 1980s. This is particularly true here in the UK where the ‘Dish war’ between Sky’s cheap bird baths and BSB’s new-age squarials was fought out. Rupert Murdoch’s Sky was victorious but had to merge with the ‘enemy’ rather […]

September 28, 2022

ESA wants initial €100m for LEO test system

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for its member states to fund an initial €100 million for a mini-constellation of between 6-12 low Earth orbiting (LEO) test satellites to launch during 2026. The cash will be used to build and launch the new constellation. If the tests work out then the bill will be […]

September 28, 2022

Astroscale starts work on debris removal satellite

Astroscale, the UK and European subsidiary of Astroscale Holdings, has opened its new Zeus satellite manufacturing and operations facilities at the Harwell Science & Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, UK. This new, advanced UK facility will enable Astroscale to build satellite debris removal servicer satellites, and rapidly develop their commercial offering in the coming years, helping […]

September 28, 2022By Chris Forrester