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LucidLink unveils Multi-Filespace Connect

November 17, 2023

LucidLink, pioneers in enabling instant access to data and real-time collaboration for some of the world’s most creative companies, has launched its new product feature, Multi-Filespace Connect. Driven by customer feedback, users can now connect to multiple Filespaces, simultaneously within our newly redesigned LucidLink Desktop application.

“We believe that introducing the Multi-Filespace Connect feature in our desktop app represents a major step forward in convenience and efficiency for our users,” said Kalina Tsoneva, Senior Product Manager, LucidLink. “This feature greatly simplifies the movement of assets across various projects or into archives and significantly improves workflows for those handling tasks across different Filespaces. It will make a real difference in the day-to-day experience of our users, offering them a smoother and more convenient way to manage their projects and data life cycles.”

Key Advantages of Multi-Filespace Connect:

●      Unlock Expanded Connectivity: With Multi-Filespace Connect, users can effortlessly connect to multiple LucidLink Filespaces without needing to disconnect a Filespace first, improving workflow efficiency for both creative professionals and the administrators who support them.

●      Enable Multi-Filespace SSO Integration: Multi-Filespace Connect maintains LucidLink’s support for  Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations, now allowing for simultaneous integrations with multiple LucidLink Filespaces.

●      Redesigned User Experience: The LucidLink Desktop application has undergone a comprehensive redesign, presenting a unified interface that consolidates numerous LucidLink functions.

The Multi-Filespace Connect update is free and available today and can be upgraded within the LucidLink application.

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