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WinZO achieves 40% growth in retention rate with CleverTap

December 20, 2023

CleverTap, the all-in-one engagement platform, has announced that mobile gaming platform, WinZO, has achieved 40 per cent growth in retention rate following the CleverTap rollout.

Founded in 2018, WinZO is today at the forefront of India’s mobile gaming revolution; the company has over 175 million users, making it the country’s largest mobile social gaming platform. WinZO hosts 100+ games across multiple formats in more than a dozen regional languages.

WinZO is dedicated to providing product value and fostering user retention. The challenge was to quickly analyze data to enhance user retention. CleverTap’s integrated partnership with WinZO’s technology stack, helped nurture more robust customer relationships, bolster user engagement, and increase retention rates. Today, WinZO has 5 billion micro in-app transactions every month, and delivers highly personalised experiences to gamers.

“In the current highly competitive environment, where users have an abundance of options with numerous apps and brands competing for their attention, our goal is to craft experiences that are highly responsive and based on real-time interactions,” said Angad Sehdev, Strategy and Growth, WinZO. He further added, “CleverTap doesn’t just provide data; it equips us with the insights, segmentation, and tools needed to execute swiftly. In this kind of an ecosystem, if you’re not acting on the data in real time, you lose your user base. You need to understand what the user wants before the user has even expressed the need.”

CleverTap offers comprehensive tracking and analytics, enabling WinZO to gain insights into customer interactions with its products. This real-time feedback on new app updates aids in refining rollout strategies.

Sidharth Pisharoti, Chief Revenue Officer at CleverTap, said: “Customer retention has always been at the heart of everything we do at CleverTap, and we’re thrilled to have helped WinZO increase their retention rates by 40 per cent. It’s been an immense pleasure working with WinZO over the last 5 years. Today, they are one of India’s largest mobile gaming platforms. This is a result of their deep understanding of customer behavior and the team’s ability to deliver on those expectations. As WinZO embarks on an ambitious journey to expand its user base to 700 million and introduce new gaming formats, CleverTap remains a steadfast partner in this tech-driven gaming revolution.”

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