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Discover Your Inner Astronaut podcast on Audible

January 2, 2024

Audible, a a provider of spoken word entertainment, has launched a new eight-part Audible Original podcast, Discover Your Inner Astronaut: An Astronaut’s Guide to a Better Life on Earth.

In this new Audible Original podcast, Helen Sharman, who became the first British astronaut to enter space in 1991, is joined by Nicole Stott, a NASA veteran astronaut who spent 104 days in space, as they both offer unique insight into how the lessons they learnt in space can influence our approach to life on Earth. 

Other esteemed guest astronauts, including working astronaut Luca Parmitano, and retired astronauts Cady Coleman and Mike Foale, among others, join the fold as every episode opens with a captivating story about their personal experience in Space, enriched with fully immersive Dolby Atmos sound design.

In this eight-part podcast series, Stott and Sharman pick their favourite stories from space – to help listeners build on their everyday skills and emotions to enhance their lives. Drawing on personal insights from fellow astronauts plus evidence from acclaimed wellbeing experts, they go beyond the benefits of all the training, tools and technologies that they’ve used in their careers and ask how the knowledge gained from space exploration can elevate and inspire people. Not only as individuals but also as communities, helping to make the world a better, more co-operative, kinder place.

All episodes of Discover Your Inner Astronaut, an Audible original podcast, are available now via Audible. 

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