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Report: Number portability fraud risk

With UK comms regulator Ofcom proposing an enforcement programme, following delays in implementing a broadband provider switching scheme, a report from analyst firm Omnisperience suggests that a revamp of the UK’s number porting process, which allows customers to change service provider without having to change their number, is critical to curbing both fraud and cyber […]

April 12, 2023By Colin Mann

Netflix: Analyst reactions; ‘don’t act like a monopoly’

Noting Netflix’s significant drop in subscribers, partly in the shape of 600,000 households de-subscribing in the US and Canada following a price increase, Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst at Omnisperience, suggests that it’s not subscribers that are the problem, arguing that Netflix is just bad at bundling, pricing and charging. “Rather than consider whether those price […]

April 20, 2022By Colin Mann

Boomplay gives Africans the gift of music

China’s Transsnet Music is putting a smile on the faces of African audiences by increasing access to streaming music via its Boomplay platform. The African music distribution platform has rolled out a new offer for its customers by providing them with the ability to claim and obtain free data. Boomplay launched in Nigeria in 2015, […]

February 26, 2021By Angharad Rhiannon

Report: Gamers increasingly at risk from cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of online gamers’ enhanced connectivity, according to specialist consultancy Omnisperience, whose new report, Unleashing new revenue streams and boosting digital confidence with CCAPS, suggests that service providers are well positioned to secure and assure the gaming experience, creating new revenue streams. Gaming has long been a honey pot for cybercriminals. Gamers […]

January 26, 2021By Angharad Rhiannon

Free broadband offer for vulnerable London households

Full-fibre broadband network provider Community Fibre is supporting  communities in London through the lockdown by providing a free 100 per cent full-fibre 50Mbps Internet connection to vulnerable households to ensure children’s education doesn’t suffer as a result of poor connectivity. The free service will be provided for 12 months after installation. At the end of […]

January 15, 2021By Colin Mann

Analyst: Smart lifespaces key to unlocking 5G revenue

Telecoms firms are being urged to resegment their market and understand what’s happening in the household in order to optimise their opportunities in the New Normal and accelerate time to new revenue. According to research from analyst firm Omnisperience, telecoms service providers have spent billions on designing, deploying and innovating new networks such as 5G […]

September 28, 2020By Colin Mann

Research: Bills should be effective comms tools

Research from telecoms analyst firm Omnisperience and digital bill communications and analytics specialist Soft-ex has found that 84 per cent of communications service providers (CSPs) are planning to invest in more effective customer communications in the next 24 months. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, CSPs played a vital role in keeping both enterprises and households connected, […]

July 15, 2020