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Globalstar Q1 revenues rise

Globalstar is a fast-growing mobile satellite operator which has struck a dramatic deal with Apple for connecting Apple’s latest smart phones to its satellite-based services. Its latest numbers show a 79 pe rcent increase in service revenues for the quarter-year to March 31st from $29.3 million (in Q1 2022) to $52.94 million. Its bottom-line net […]

May 8, 2023By Chris Forrester

Failed SVB impacts tech players

The Silicon Valley Bank failed on March 10th, leaving Roku, production platform Vimeo and RocketLab at risk until the Federal Government clarifies its position. Roku had some $487 million (€454m) in cash deposited at the bank, the USA’s 16th largest. RocketLab had $38 million in its SVB account, although in a statement it said this […]

March 13, 2023By Chris Forrester

Virginia approves new rocket site

The Accomack Board of Supervisors in Virginia have approved the rezoning of 26 acres of land that is currently zoned for agricultural use. Its most recent usage was as a chicken farm. But it is the acreages close proximity to the existing Wallops Island rocket launch facility that makes the changes valuable. The beneficiaries are […]

July 26, 2021By Chris Forrester

RocketLab merging with Vector

New Zealand (and Los Angeles)-based RocketLab is to merge itself with a SPAC (Special Purchase Acquisition Company) called Vector and which will eventually list on the NASDAQ exchange (as RKLB). RocketLab launches rockets from New Zealand. Founded in 2006 by Peter Beck the company has also built a launch facility at Wallops Island, Virginia, US. […]

March 2, 2021By Chris Forrester