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Chris Forrester is one of the most experienced and highly regarded journalists in the field. His insight and analysis, particularly in the satellite and pay-TV arena, is highly prized. He has written for all the major business journals in the sector as well as several national newspapers.

Romania wants a satellite

There are plenty of highly competitive suppliers of satellite capacity operating above Romania, but now the country wants its own craft. Razvan Cotovelea, minister for Communication and Information Society in the Romanian government, says it intends to acquire a satellite which would offer communication services for both the private and public sectors. “We will start planning its development by the […]

Colombia cancels satellite plan

Colombia has scrapped plans to buy and launch its own $250 million satellite, and instead will continue to lease capacity, data and imagery from other international satellite operators. Colombia’s vice-president German Vargas says the country does not have the budget. “We have explored the possibility over the last few years but the government concluded that at this time is too […]

BSkyB intensifies competitive pressure

A comprehensive report to clients from investment bank Berenberg and which has compiled a series of ‘price tracker’ statistics on UK content and telco aggregators, says that BSkyB is still engaged in a period of “intense promotional activity” despite such efforts normally being more subdued with the start of the football season. “This year, however, that has not happened,” says […]

MENA anti-piracy operation grows

The Middle East’s Broadcast Satellite Anti-Piracy Coalition, meeting in Cairo, say that their organisation has grown by six new members, including Rotana, ART, IAA, the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, Gulfsat and WWE. The Coalition also says that as a result of their efforts, 15 channels have been taken off air because of piracy in their transmissions. The additional six members […]

MBC: “1000 more MENA channels”

Middle East Broadcasting’s (MBC) CEO Sam Barnett says that his region is already home to about 1000 channels, many of them small and serving local audiences, but that it could absorb “several thousands more”. He said 100 were launched last year, about 43 in Kurdish alone. “There are lots more to come,” he added. Indeed, MBC has now adding to […]

Televisa loses ‘dominant’ argument

Mexican broadcaster and media giant Grupo Televisa has lost its 18-point series of appeals against an earlier decision that it held a dominant position in Mexican media. Back in March the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) ruled that Televisa was in breach of the 50 per cent market share threshold, and needed to curb its market power. At the time […]

Fitch doubts Sony mobile rescue

Ratings agency Fitch doubts that electronics giant Sony can turn around the struggling fortunes of its mobile phone division. Sony says it will launch even ‘smarter’ so-called smartphones and a new range of high-end consumer devices. But the news might be a last throw of the dice and follows on from a massive Sony write-down of $1.65 billion, largely because […]

India ASO slips to December 2016

Getting anything decided, let alone implemented, is a near-nightmare. India’s Information & Broadcasting Ministry has decided to again set new dates for the implementation of its Digital Addressable Systems ruling, to December 2015 for Phase II cities and the following year, December 2016, for Phase IV smaller cities and towns. The existing rules (issued in November 2011) mandate that all […]

BSkyB should dump ads

It was while browsing BSkyB’s September 5th prospectus on the raising of £10 billion in fresh financing (the £10 billion Euro Medium Term Note Programme) that it dawned on me: Sky should dump its advertising segments. The fact is that all the Sky channel ads, all the interruptions, all the commercials for ambulance chasing lawyers, all the pleas for funeral […]

EchoStar, SES joint-venture

Charlie Ergen’s EchoStar and Luxembourg-based SES are continuing their close working relationship with the addition of a new satellite at 105 degrees West. The new craft will have two names. EchoStar will call it EchoStar 105 while SES will dub the craft SES-11.  Airbus will build the satellite and it will launch quite soon in Q4/2016 which is extremely fast […]

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