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Hard lessons for OTT dealmakers

Larry Gerbrandt offers expert advice to anyone planning an OTT channel launch. Is there anyone who isn’t starting an online video channel for the OTT market? Having just wrapped up a consulting gig assisting a client to develop an economic and programming model for a start-up Over-The-Top online channel, some of the lessons (and battle scars) are still fresh. I’ve […]

TV Ads: New game, new rules

According to Larry Gerbrandt, the habits of ‘millennial’ viewers in the US are causing broadcasters to re-evaluate business models. The viewing data has been piling up for months, but has turned into a potentially apocalyptic trend line: according to Nielsen viewing data, traditional TV viewing has dropped 10.6% between September and January among the 18-34 demographic so highly coveted by […]

TV future is cumulative, not replacement

Larry Gerbrandt finds parallels between the development of the aviation and television industries. I spent several summers working my way through college in a fruit-canning plant where my grandfather was a manager. During one of our evening conversations, it dawned on me that he had witnessed the entire evolution of aviation, from the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk to the […]

My Ah-Ha moment on content portability

An overly generous Santa Claus left a very nice gift for me under the tree this year, a shiny new Apple iPad Mini with both WiFi and 4G access. Considering I already own a first generation full size iPad, an iTouch, two Apple iPhone 4s, the latest Apple MacBookPro, a MacMini, a MacPro tower and an Apple TV, the further […]

RIP for Relative Valuations, please…

Larry Gerbrandt in Los Angeles raises the spectre of the unwelcome return of relative valuation Like a bad horror movie franchise, some valuation concepts seem to keep coming back for another sequel in hopes that this time they’ve got it right. I’m talking about the biggest financial sink-hole ever created: ‘relative valuation’. The technique rose to improbable heights at the […]

The Facebook Post Worth $779 Million

Netflix shares jumped 20.6 per cent this past week after a July 3rd Facebook post by company founder and CEO Reed Hastings congratulating chief content officer Ted Sarandos and his team with helping Netflix exceed 1 billion hours for the first time ever in June. The stock had closed at $67.85 on July 2nd and ended at $81.89 on July […]

Lose The Empire, Gain The World?

The rise of international markets and the global reach of the Internet and broadband connectivity are forcing US content creators and distributors to confront several difficult challenges.   The BBC World Service radio broadcasts have a knack for making almost any issue appear to take on great gravitas, no matter how arcane. I recently caught a snippet of a broadcast […]

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