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Ofcom: Internet up, TV down

August 26, 2007

Ofcom has revealed the findings of its latest survey on viewer habits. Its annual Communications Market Report reveals new trends in the UK's £50 billion (E72.4bn) electronic communications sector.

Consumers now spend 50 hours per week on the phone, surfing the internet, watching television or listening to the radio. Average daily internet use in 2006 (36 minutes) was up 158 per cent on 2002 and time spent on the mobile phone (almost four minutes per day) was up 58 per cent. Time spent watching TV was down 4 per cent at three hours and 36 minutes, listening to radio was down 2 per cent at two hours and 50 minutes and time spent on a fixed line phone was down 8 per cent at seven minutes.

While consumers are getting more out of their communications services, the amount they are spending on them continues to fall. In 2006, average household spend on communications services was £92.65 per month, down from £94.03 in 2005.

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