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SyncTV test launch

November 20, 2007

SyncTV, a new US online television service, plans to launch a private test this week to offer viewers the ability to download anything they want to a computer from channels they pay for on a monthly basis.

Subscription fees range from $2 (E1.4) to $4 per month per channel. Shows will also be offered for sale at $2 per episode. The service is also advertising supported. “We wanted to free up TV from the folks who make it difficult to innovate,” SyncTV President John Gildred. Unlike popular services such as YouTube, Gildred said the service would offer “home-theater quality” videos that will include surround-sound capabilities and picture resolution at least comparable to DVDs and, in some cases, high definition.

The company did not reveal what shows or channels would be offered during the test phase, but said it was discussing partnerships with distributors. SyncTV is a spin-off from Pioneer Electronics. Gildred said the company is currently courting consumer electronics manufacturers to develop devices that will support the standard and expects such devices to be available some time next year.

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