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bmcoforum defines implementation profile

December 18, 2007

International lobbying association the Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum (bmcoforum) has finalised an implementation profile based on the Open Mobile Alliance Mobile Broadcast 1.0 Enabler, with the aim of to accelerating the launch of DVB-H based mobile TV.

This profile can be used in interoperability tests, pilots and timely deployments as early as 2008 of DVB-H based mobile TV services using OMA BCAST specifications. The profile covers areas such as delivery protocols, service guides as well as DRM and smartcard profile protection and purchase options.

The profile contains essential features needed for launching and developing commercial mobile TV services over DVB-H. The features selected by service providers and vendors are to ensure product implementations within the target time frame.

bmcoforum will maintain its DVB-H/IPDC and OMA BCAST profiles to ensure a proper evolution of Mobile TV services by adding more features as technology progresses.

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