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Telefonia Bonairiano Caribbean IPTV service

December 24, 2007

Telefonia Bonairiano (Telbo), a telco in the Caribbean island of Bonaire, has launched an IPTV service under the name of ‘mitv’, becoming the first telco in the Caribbean to launch IPTV.

The service was developed by Telbo along with Savant Communications, a Caribbean-based technology and project management consulting firm, and Manycast Consultancy, a provider of content, strategy and marketing consultancy services in the Caribbean and South/Central America. The service offers around 110 broadcast channels, as well as 50 audio channels, pay per view (PPV) and video on demand (VOD).

The mitv service is intended to be the showcase model for Telbo partner telcos, which operate in an additional 24 countries, which are expected to roll out in early 2008.

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