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DTV penetration 43% in 2012

January 7, 2008

The proportion of digital TV subscribers worldwide is predicted to exceed 40 per cent by 2012 according to a report by the Korea Information Society Development Institute. The report said the current rate is 22 per cent with 239 million subscribers and the number will exceed 43 per cent with 540 million by 2012.

North America is expected to have virtually completed the transition to digital TV as 98 per cent of people will have digital TVs in their home. West Europe follows with 86 per cent predicted and the region is followed by Middle East (30 per cent), Asia (29 per cent), East Europe (23 per cent), and Latin America (21 per cent).

China will have 60 million subscribers, the biggest contributor to the global digital TV industry development. The US will have 39 million, Japan 20 million, and India 23 million. Those four nations will have 54 per cent of global users.

Digital cable TV will secure 249 million subscribers by Feb 2012 and digital satellite service subscribers will add 33 million to the current 87 million by 2012.

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