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C4 mobile TV

May 6, 2008

Channel 4 is said to be interested in purchasing a chunk of spectrum on the second national digital radio multiplex to use in the launch of mobile TV services. It could bid for some of the 22 per cent of the second multiplex’s bandwidth that is reserved for non-radio services such as mobile TV.Such a move by Channel 4 could be lucrative for 4Digital Group, which holds the licence for the second multiplex. BT Movio, which provides technical services to mobile TV operators, used to lease capacity from Digital One at a cost of £5 million (E6.2m) per year.

It also emerged that 4Digital Group has given BSkyB until the end of June to decide whether it will participate in the multiplex. BSkyB planned to launch Sky News Radio, but in October its partner Global Radio pulled out and it has since been seeking a new commercial partner.

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