Advanced Television

DVDs and TV still soak up the dollars

July 4, 2008

A study from Knowledge Networks reveals that while consumers are turning to new video technologies – such as online streaming and mobile video – most of their video-related spending continues to be on conventional sources such as DVD rentals and purchases.

New findings from, How People Use the Video Marketplace, also show that Generation Y (ages 13 to 29) – and, to a lesser extent, Generation X (ages 30 to 43) – is way ahead of Young Boomers (ages 44 to 54) in using emerging video sources, such as mobile and streaming, but their spending on such video sources is not significantly higher.

The research is part of The Home Technology Monitor. The study shows that the average person aged 13 to 54 spends roughly $31 per month on video-related content. Of this, about $13 goes to TV service, and another $13 to buying and renting DVDs; meanwhile, spending on emerging video distribution channels accounts for less than $5 combined

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