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Jetix, NBC Universal best placed on Italian DTT tender

August 1, 2008

Italy's Communications Authority (AgCom) has approved the final classifications for the tender that will award 40 per cent of the transmission capacity on five DTT multiplexes.

A total of 25 bids were presented by 18 organisations with points awarded for the “editorial plan”, “company plan” and the “project for the use of transmission capacity”, among other criteria.

Digital TV Channels, controlled by Jetix, received the most points (69) for its planned FTA channel aimed at kids aged 2-14. NBC Universal Global Networks Italia (66) came second with movie channel project. Joint third were NBC Universal Global Networks Italia with a “Factual” project and the Alphabet Consortium for a FTA/pay-TV education and training channel (both obtained 60 points).

Fifth was Rete Blu (57) with a channel dedicated to social, cultural and religious issues. Joint sixth ware Class Editori, for an FTA news channel; and Turner Entertainment Networks with Cartoon Network and Boomerang (all three with 55 points). Two companies placed ninth (52 points) – Walt Disney Company Italia with its three TV channels “Disney Family”, “Disney Pre-School” and “Disney Animation”, as well as AirPlus TV with six video streams which will carry nine pay-TV channels with family entertainment.

The broadcasters that will have to give up 40 per cent of the transmission capacity on their multiplexes are RAI (1 mux) Elettronica Industriale/Mediaset (2 mux) and Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting (2 mux). The capacity available is equal to around 9.5 Mbt/s for each mux, which means that only the nine best placed will get access. Only Telecom's MBone mux is configured on a regional basis, so it will b

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