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Asia, Latin America want news and sport on mobile TV

August 21, 2008

Of consumers interested in mobile TV, 72 per cent of consumers were very likely or likely to watch mobile TV if they are able to receive free, local broadcasts on their handset, compared to 40 per cent who were receptive to subscription services. Respondents preferred live, local broadcast coverage to made-for-mobile clips, although approximately one-third expressed interest in both.

Consumers interested in watching the Beijing games reported a wider variety of expected use cases for mobile viewing than those not interested in the summer sporting events. For both groups, watching mobile TV while in a car, train, bus or taxi were important use cases. Those interested in the games reported increased interest in also watching mobile TV at home, during breaks at work, to check in on news and sports scores while away from home, and to view ';unmissable programmes.' Use cases at home included the ability to watch TV when the primary television was in use, without disturbing others, and to move freely from room to

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