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Google to agent NBC ads

September 9, 2008

NBC Universal has confirmed that it will sell advertising time on "several" of its cable networks through the Internet company.

The announcement comes 18 months The announcement comes 18 months after Google reached its first deal to broker television ads on behalf of Dish Network.

NBCU and Google characterised their ad-selling move as part of a broader "strategic advertising partnership" under which Google will work to expand both the effectiveness and the reach of NBCU's advertising base.

The Internet company's base of existing customers would help it bring new advertisers who have not turned to television as a medium before, they claimed. They also said they would use Google's analytical tools to develop a better understanding of how users respond to adverts, enabling them to improve the cost-effectiveness of TV advertising.

“The Google TV ads platform is making television advertising more accountable and measurable and we are pleased with our progress to date,” said Tim Armstrong, the president of advertising and commerce for Google North America. “Our partnership with NBCU will help us to bring the power of television to a broader set of advertisers as well as give our current advertisers increased reach through our system.”


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