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Mobile Digital TV settles in Latin America

October 6, 2008

According to a TVTelco Latam's report, Latin America will have 21.3 million mobile digital TV handsets in use in 2013, mostly on phones, but also on portable MP4 players, cars and buses, and USB for notebooks. With its ISDB system, Brazil will lead the Latin American free-to-air mobile TV market, with 12.5 million viewers by 2013. Brazil has been the first country in Latin America launching mobile phones with free-to-air TV enabled features in 2008. In Mexico, the ATSC's MPH system for free-to-air mobile digital TV will reach 4.7 million customers by 2013. Significant contribution will came from other Latin American countries as they define its digital TV standard. Colombia and Uruguay already chose the European standard and will use DVB-H, whereas Argentina is expected to reverse its decision to choose the ISDB system adopted in Brazil.Towards 2013 is a predicted there will be 1.56 million mobile digital pay TV subscribers through different broadcasting systems, in addition to other unicast or multicast TV customers using 3G or WiMax networks. Advertising revenues on mobile TV will reach $96 million in 2013 in Latin America.

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