Advanced Television

CEA wants mobile TV group

October 10, 2008

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) of the US seeks participants in a new Special Interest Group to address A/153 – the mobile/handheld addition to the Advanced Television Systems Committee's (ATSC) broadcast digital television standards in the United States. The ATSC is working to complete the new standard which will allow digital television (DTV) broadcasts beyond the living room. The new capability, called ATSC Mobile/Handheld (M/H), allows TV broadcasters to use part of their signal to deliver services that can be reliably received by handheld receiving units and receivers in moving vehicles."CEA is organising this Special Interest Group for ATSC M/H to assist the consumer electronics community in understanding the technology and market dynamics," said Brian Markwalter, CEA vice president of technology and standards. "CEA is excited to work with members to accelerate this innovative extension to our DTV system."

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