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YouTube CEO: work with us

October 16, 2008

From Colin Mann in Cannes

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley has called on broadcasters to work with the online video community to extend their reach and develop business models. Delivering a MIPCOM keynote speech on Managing Content in the Internet Age, Hurley told delegates: "We want to continue to be your partner and continue to work with you. We want to work with content owners to make more and more informed decisions about managing and distributing your content."

For those of you wary of this new decentralised distribution model, Hurley implored them to "understand that technology exists to give you control and that in opening up your content to digital distribution you gain unprecedented reach and scope. It's your greatest opportunity to evolve a business model."

He noted that at one stage, the BBC was YouTube's only broadcast partner; it now had 900. YouTube could offer 'the Four Rs'. Reach, Research, Revenue and Rights Management. YouTube's VideoID tool gave rights owners the choice of what they wanted done with uploaded video content; whether to monetise, track, or take down. "Working together benefits all in the content ecosystem," he said.

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