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Super Bowl may have added 2.6m HDTV sales

February 2, 2009

Super Bowl drove the purchase of some 2.6 million high-definition television units in the US, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). For the fourth year in a row, the Super Bowl retains the title of top driver for HDTV purchases.

This year is expected to be another record-breaking year for HDTV sales with 29.8 million HD sets expected to ship, out of a total of 34.5 million digital televisions sold in the US in 2009. This is up from 26.8 million HD sets sold in 2008. In addition to key sporting events like the Super Bowl, another factor driving this demand is the drop in the average wholesale price of sets. In the past five years, the average wholesale price for an HDTV has fallen nearly 50 per cent to $849 in 2009.


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