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Stopping piracy could generate millions for UK

March 12, 2009

The report from the body which represents the film industry has called for new measures – including tighter regulations on car boot sales, bans on cameras in cinemas and legislation to tackle illegal file-sharing.

The study, carried out by Oxford Economics, found the changes could cut piracy losses to £268 million (E290m) a year.

Lavinia Carey, chair of Respect for Film, said: “Given the current state of the economy, these recommendations are a quick win for the Government given the positive impact they would have on the economy. Our sector isn’t asking for a handout, but targeted legislation to reduce copyright theft and deliver over £600 million and support employment to the benefit of the UK economy. The film industry is a significant contributor to the UK’s economy and, with the decline of other sectors, its importance is growing. The biggest drain on further growth is copyright theft.”

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