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Interactive television delivers

April 2, 2009

ActiveVideo Networks has declared that measurement of audience viewing and usage habits from field deployments shows how interactive television is finally generating new revenue for cable system operators and programmers.

The data, which has been collected from announced and unannounced ActiveVideo markets in the US, indicates that reach, frequency and engagement are increasing at ActiveVideo-enabled TVs, including: previewing and upgrading to new levels of service; initiating and completing home shopping purchases; and laying the foundation for advertising opportunities through a pattern of consistent use.

"These metrics are important to our industry because they are visible proof of the value of interactive television within the media ecosystem," said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo Networks. "The numbers show that when subscribers get the services they want, operators realize a significant return on their investments in interactivity. For the first time, we can prove that there is a clear and direct link between the deployment of ActiveVideo services and the bottom lines of operators and programmers."

Among the examples cited by ActiveVideo Networks are:

– An increase in tier upgrades of 545% over traditional Web and telephone ordering since the launch of an interactive TV preview channel in late December;

– Initiation of T-commerce sessions by approximately 10% of ActiveVideo-enabled households and significantly increased sales totals since the initial system launch of home shopping in the fall of 2008;

– An average ActiveVideo session length of 14.7 minutes, 359% more than the average online video view and 46% more than the average Hulu view; and

– Usage on more than 47% of applicable set-top boxes across all ActiveVideo-enabled households during 2008.

"The key points are that subscribers are engaging with ActiveVideo on a daily basis, and that they are taking advantage of services that make money for operators and programmers when those services are available," said Michael Taylor, senior vice president, business development for ActiveVideo Networks. "Our customers and partners have been particularly impressed with the fact that transaction results from ActiveVideo are generally superior to Web, phone or premises-based interactive solutions."


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