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Youreeeka makes Flash entrance

April 24, 2009

From Colin Mann in Las Vegas

Youreeeka, a new turnkey, pay-for-access Internet distribution platform aimed at enabling the monetisation of content on any Web outlet, has been unveiled.

Youreeeka's patent-pending embeddable Flash Player offers content owners, producers and affiliates a complete, web-based distribution platform with a secure PCI-compliant payment gateway. It allows content owners and producers to deliver, display and sell their proprietary content on any Web outlet (including Web sites, social networking sites and blog spots) in a virtually theft-proof environment.

As a result, anyone can create, share and profit from their digital content. With Youreeeka, they can distribute to consumers around the world and prevent their content from being pirated or accessed for free by unauthorised users. In addition, Youreeeka offers consumers convenient, secure and on-demand access to the highest quality streaming video and audio content from any computer or hand-held device with an Internet connection.

"One of today's biggest challenges for content owners and producers is how to prevent Internet consumers from accessing their creative efforts without paying for it," said Lenny Magill, creator and founder of Youreeeka, who claimed that there was finally a solution to distribute and manage content in a controllable environment and maximise revenues.

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