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IPTV subs total almost 40m worldwide in 2009

July 22, 2009

The number of subscribers worldwide to telco/IPTV services will approach 40 million by year-end 2009, according to international research firm Parks Associates. The strong growth is due partly to aggressive provider deployments according to the firm, the most successful rollouts will incorporate multiple services, such as home networking, convergence in entertainment and communications features, and unique interactive services such as quality on-demand programming.

“Telco/IPTV services are a core part of successful digital home strategies, but the appeal of these services is strongest when they are part of a complete service package,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president, principal analyst, Parks Associates. “To edge out incumbent pay-TV providers, telecom operators must move beyond the ‘killer app’ mentality and be holistic in their approach.”

Parks Associates reports the number of telco/IPTV households worldwide grew by nearly 80 per cent in 2008 to exceed 20 million. The growth rate will exceed 50 per cent in 2009.


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