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US cable values triple play at $35bn

August 3, 2009

The cable industry has valued the benefits of bundled voice, video and data to consumers at $35 billion a year and, increasingly, subscribers are taking advantage of those benefits.

That came in comments to the FCC in its annual assessment of the state of video competition. That $35 billion is a combination of “enormous cost savings, lower prices and enhancement in value to consumers” said NCTA, thanks to “vigorous” competition.

As evidence the trade association offers up a study it commissioned from economists Michael Pelcovits and Abigail Ferguson of Microeconomic Consulting & Research Associates. The researchers said they were able to get bundled service figures from the top three cable operators, Comcast, Time Warner and Cox (accounting for about 2/3 of total subs). According to those three, 23% of subs were taking a triple play of cable, Internet and phone, in 2008, up from 10.14% in 2007.

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