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DTV sees strong growth in Hungary

December 11, 2009

In October 2009, the number of households in Hungary using digital television topped the 1.1 million mark, according to the flash report released by the National Communications Authority (NHH).

According to NHH estimates and previous surveys, of the close to 3.8 million Hungarian households approximately 3 million subscribe to some sort of television service. The remaining nearly 800,000 households watch analogue and digital terrestrial broadcasts accessible through rooftop or room antennae or freely viewable satellite broadcasts.

At the end of October, the service providers featured in the flash report – Magyar Telekom Nyrt., Invitel Zrt., UPC Kft., FiberNet Zrt., DIGI Kft., PR TELEKOM Zrt., Zelka ZRt., TARR Kft., TvNetWork NyRt., ViDaNet Zrt., PARISAT Kft., RubiCom Zrt., Antenna Hungária Zrt. and HD Platform Kft. – registered a total of 2.481 million subscriptions, 22 thousand more than a month earlier. In October, the number of persons with a digital subscription with the featured 14 service providers rose by 26 thousand to 1.109 million, while the number of analogue subscriptions with the same providers dropped from 1.376 million to 1.372 million. In October, 44.7 per cent of subscribers of the service providers featured in the flash report used digital services, compared with September's 44 per cent.

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