Avatar movie paves the way for 3D TV

The popularity of Avatar and other 3D movies will put 3D TV on the map for consumers, reports In-Stat. 2010 will be a big year for 3D entertainment, as movie studios release more 3D films shown in a growing number of 3D-equipped theatres.

In-Stat projects:

– Worldwide 3D TV shipments will reach 41 million in 2014.

– 3D Blu-ray player shipments will track closely with 3D TVs.

– Pricing is a major barrier, as survey respondents are not willing to pay much of a premium for 3D TV sets and Blu-ray players.

– Many Pay-TV operators will use half resolution 3D as a stepping stone and learning opportunity for full HD 3D in the future.

On a regional basis, North America will be the largest market.

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