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Coming soon: Boxee Payments

January 22, 2010

Boxee has confirmed that it will soon offer pay content through its STBs.

“We plan to release a Payment Platform this summer where users will be able to make purchases with one click on the remote. The content partners we launch with will offer shows, movies and channels that were previously not available to Boxee users. The content owners will be able to package and price as they wish, including pay-per-view and subscription. Content partners will have the flexibility to decide what they make available, whether it's premium content, content from their existing library, or extras that will never make it on air”.

While details are still to-be-determined, Boxee will charge a small fee (i.e. lower than the 30 per cent charged by many app stores) for transactions which it enables. “This beginning to the Boxee business model ties our success as a business to the success of our partners.”

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