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CSA sets HD DTT timetable

February 19, 2010

France's TV regulator the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel has drawn up a new timetable for the deployment of high definition digital terrestrial television. This decision was taken in agreement with TF1 HD, France 2 HD and M6 HD, comprising the multiplex R5 The Arte HD and Canal + HD channels are broadcast on other multiplexes and are already available in all areas already covered by DTT.

The deployment of the multiplex R5 will take place gradually, region by region, as analogue switchover takes place. DTT HD will therefore become available for many viewers during the transition to digital in their region.

In regions that switch to all digital television in 2010, multiplex R5 will be deployed on all main transmitters of the network during this process, with the exception of Alsace, where it will be available as of September 28, 2010. In all these areas, other scheduled for DTT HD provision will broadcast the multiplex from the early part of 2012.

For regions where the transition to digital will take place in 2011, all scheduled sites will broadcast channels from multiplex R5 at this stage.

The phased deployment means that the national coverage of DTT HD should reach about 90 per cent of the population at November 30th, 2011 and 95 per cent at the end of Q1 2012.

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